Hygge - The Small Things

Hygge: The Danish art of building sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive. Hygge happens when we commit to the pleasure of the present moment in its simplicity.

I have been in a weird place lately. For the first time in my life,  I do not have to be anywhere in particular at any particular time. Of course the sooner I earn a job post-graduation, the better. But there is no sense that if I do not get a job this summer, my life is over. There is also no obvious next step. Sure, a career at a reputable Landscape Architecture firm does seem fairly obvious. But until something smacks me over the top of my head, I am not convinced that anything is obvious. This also might lend itself to significant realization about reality: nothing is obvious. If there is anything, though, that I can consider obvious, it is that I need to simplify. I feel cluttered. With graduation right around the corner, and no places to be, it is time to embrace hygge. 

Develop  hygge.  From many college experiences, to a few simple, yet meaningful, goals. 

Develop hygge. From many college experiences, to a few simple, yet meaningful, goals. 

Above represents how I feel about the Victory Hotel project. There is an odd mix of anxiety and calm. Our project is at a moment where uncertain footing must meet a confident step. We have pushed ourselves to a design worth being proud of, no doubt; and although we are definitely confident in our design, we have scuffled along in the representation of our design. Having been a part of a communication based project this semester, I understand the importance of what simplification can do. Especially when carried through to the masses. 

Our project involves business people and artists. Heavy use programs and sustainable intentions. Interior circulation and an important exterior context. Our project is immensely complex, there is no doubt about that. The impromptu critique from John Galloway left us with something difficult to swallow: our site is cluttered. There is a distinct lack of cohesion on site, and that is terrifying. 

Despite having a great concept, it might be time for Mad Men to simplify. 

In order to properly move forward, I think that we need to embrace hygge on site. We want this to be a community, so why not make this intention obvious in both our design and representation of our site? Our site should be about the local and providing a haven for people after work. Business folks are constantly cluttered in their lives, so it only makes sense to generate a place where they can escape the clutter. The same principles can be said for our boards. 

Our project, as well as my near future are no longer about a mass of stuff, but instead about being selective moving forward. In our overstretched, complex lives, hygge reminds us to be resourceful, and that simplicity matters. 

News and Notes

  • More information about the concept of hygge can be found here . 
  • Not much recent news about Las Vegas outside of the new developments on the MGM-AEG arena. It does not even concern downtown, so I will refrain from providing a link/additional info. 
  • Currently listening to: Ben Howard. Such simple and powerful tunes.