The Moon Belongs to Everyone

Recently, I finished the first half of the final season of Mad Men, my favorite television show and the namesake for our art/business professional urban design project. In the final episode of the 7th season, the entire world watched together as the Apollo 11 mission took place. The episode managed to capture every character in a moment of being detached (while in their den in front of the television), yet all participating together.

After a main character passes away, a dreamlike version of him tap dancing and singing "The Best Things in Life are Free" concludes the season. The commentary on how the "stars and the moon are for everyone" really plays up this idea of unified participation. Though the characters might not have exactly touched the moon, this moment was undoubtedly for every single one of them. 

One spring break, and 100 hours later, and we have our boards. 

These are not perfect at this point, but we are extremely proud with how far our work has come. Although I was sick for the presentations yesterday, it is my understanding that the discussions went well. I am eager to hear more about it as this week proceeds. 

This project is a prime example as to why landscape architecture and urban design are so gratifying for me: everyone can participate in the product. If our design were to be built a year from now, it would not just be for our use, but for the City of Las Vegas to use. Because ultimately, the moon belongs to everyone. 

News and Notes

  • So it has been about 3 weeks since my last entry here, and since then I have been back home in Illinois, applied for more jobs, finished applications for ASLA & Barbara King, and fought off a brutal flu bug. I could have sworn that senior year was supposed to be easier than this. 
  • The Downtown Project for Las Vegas has undoubtedly brought great development to downtown Las Vegas, but how much revenue has it generated since its inception? According to this article, it brought 23,000 annual visitors, $26.5 million in revenue, 1,048 permanent jobs, and 100 tech startups in its 3 years. 
  • Currently listening to: Patrick Watson. One of my favorite artists came out with a new song recently, and it is vintage PWats. Seems especially fitting as graduation approaches.