The Adaptation of Alleyways: Part One

June 18th marks the start of my journey through fjords, sidestreets, and alleyways. I will be posting here frequently throughout my trip as a means to let everyone know that I'm okay as well as help chronicle all of the incredible things that I am seeing. More to come soon. 

News and Notes

  • Lists are fun, even if they are occasionally click-bait. Regardless, I am pretty excited to be visiting three of the cities listed as shaping urban living
  • I have found my way back home after a bit of car trouble. Knowing how few times left I will be able to visit home in this capacity, I am enjoying it to its fullest. 
  • Currently listening to...St. Paul & the Broken Bones. First of all, they're in Paris. Second of all, they are covering a musical giant. Third of all, St. Paul sure can wail.