Mapleton is a city on the mend...

...and my group mates and I were determined to expedite the process. After a tornado destroyed half of their town in 2011, Iowa State's Landscape Architecture Department got involved in order to help plan its "Rebuild and Recover" effort. In our fall studio last semester, we designed five different project proposals, and left them to the City.

After spending half of the Fall semester on a team charged to design a Campground on the North end of town, I was moved into an entirely different team, CommunicationsOur job? To facilitate between our peers and the locals of Mapleton, Iowa. We decided to stay on as an Independent Study the Spring of 2015 in order to see these projects through. 

So now, through a series of engagement pieces and communicative efforts, we have aided Mapleton in identifying the their project priorities, the needs of each project, and how each of these projects can be implemented with the resources they have or have not yet realized. 

You can learn more at the Mapleton Rebuild & Recover Website